We curated the show “YEAR OF THE BOAR” at the Foreign Correspondence ‘s Club of Japan in Tokyo. The year of the boar is the 12th and last animal in the Chinese calendar. 

With its chubby face and big floppy ears, the boar is a symbol of good fortune and wealth. Under the influence of the peaceful and sensible boar, 2019 is expected to be joyous time and a moment to reflect on the past 11 years. 

In celebration of the new year, the following artists have created their image of our portly friend. 

Aiko Fukuda, Fern Choonet, Hajime Anzai, Hiroshi Sunto, Justine Wong, Kozo Chiba, Mika Osborn, Motoko Matsuda, Rie Yoshimoto, Takao Mizuno (Studio Cooca), Satoshi Ohtera, Wei Hsuan Chen, Yasushi Inoue, You Byun Jung

Illustration by NIYA NIYA STUDIO